More and more research and writings have been produced on the topic of diacritics with the advent of the digital era. These productions, which are meant to inform on good practice, are part of a global movement highlighting the necessity to pay particular attention to linguistic specificities. Many questions about standardization have been led by the current inability of the Latin script to be held as a global standard anymore.
  Diacritics.info is an information platform dedicated to diacritical signs. Although only in its draft form, this website is aimed at designers who want to learn about diacritics and develop good practice. The first stage of this project is to define the needs and gaps about diacritics’ design. It is also about whom to ask about diacritics. It’s a way for me to be sure of the information I post, and for you to be able to trust it. The second stage will be to create a research-driven platform. This site could be a real place dedicated to research, sharing and expansion of knowledge that is still very little broadcasted.